Clinical Supervision


  • HCPC registered Art Therapist and Supervisor.
  • Supervision sessions are offered in-person and/or online according to the needs of supervisees. 
  • Session time is a one hour minimum with a fee of £50.00 per session as standard.

Art therapists working in private practice are required to undergo supervision. The goal of this supervision is to ensure the protection and welfare of service users, promote good clinical practice, and contribute to the therapist’s continuing professional development (CPD).

As a supervisor, my goal is to aid supervisees in recognising and resolving clinical dilemmas related to emotional and mental issues, including those pertaining to both their clients and themselves. During supervision sessions, I encourage the use of art-making, play, and metaphor to illuminate supervisees’ therapeutic relationships, with a particular emphasis on the dynamics of active transference and countertransference. To achieve this, I employ a multifaceted approach that incorporates object relations, attachment theory, and neuroscience.

As a supervisor, I prioritize mirroring and attunement to detect non-verbal, somatically held emotions and implicit communications. This enables me to bring supervisees’ thoughts and feelings to the surface of awareness. Additionally, I am committed to supervising with attention to the complex amalgam of societal conditions and values that can influence the ethics and practices therapists face. I strive to foster a culture of open communication and feedback within our working relationship to enhance and improve my practice as a supervisor.