Who is Colleen?

HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist and Supervisor

Fully insured and a registered member of the BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists)
BAAT Member 24852

I was born and raised in North America. Since childhood, I have found creative expressions of seeing, making, changing, and experimenting with color, shape, texture, and image to be helpful in working through my thoughts and emotions. I firmly believe that anyone, regardless of background, training, or experience, can benefit from trying their hand at art materials to gain insights into themselves and to process feelings that may be difficult to articulate.

My professional trainings

I qualified with an MA in Art Therapy from Goldsmiths University in 2009 gaining NHS and UK State Secondary School experience during my training. During that time I also worked as a Samaritan volunteer.  Post qualification, I took on additional training as; a Supervisor, an Environmental Arts Psychotherapist and as a Yoga & Meditation Therapist specialising in the connection between physical & mental wellbeing.

Within sessions, I combine the multiple modalities of my knowledge to address the bespoke needs of clients living with such conditions as; Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Learning Differences, Personality Disorders, Physical injury, pain & dis-ease, Sexuality & Gender issues and Trauma.  

The way I work.

Everyone I meet represents a new and fresh perspective to be acknowledged and respected. Every person carries their own experience of life which can include unprocessed feelings of anger, loss, grief, and of feeling “stuck”. My aim is to help clients discover their own inner resources toward developing forward in their worlds; I do this by providing materials, time and attention in a thoughtful and containing way.